Free 1GB VPS for one month.

I found this community about half a year ago, and I am glad I did.
People are super good and helpful and I am hoping to stay here for the long run.
I must thank @AnthonySmith @seriesn @cybertech @Not_Oles @Chievo and all other helped me.
Anyway, I have some credits on my upcloud account and since I don't have a real use at the moment, I thought of giving away 1GB instances for anyone who needs it.
Yes. If you want to test out something, or learn by doing stuff, you're welcome. But please don't use it for illegal things, crypto mining, Tor, torrents, etc... Don't suspend my account too. ;)
Other than that, I will create the instance you want with the ssh key you provide. (If you don't have one, just Google it, and generate one on your SSH client.)
I will not access your VPS. You'll have to trust me on this one. ;) Just like I am doing for you.
No prerequisites. Just having an account here, made before this post. :)
Send me a PM with following details.

An email or an number for me to contact if needed. (Temp ones are fine, but keep them active)
intended use.
Username for the VPS
SSH public key.
And declaration that you will use the VPS fairly. ;)

I can give away 5 to 10 VPS instances for 30 days.
See you.
(Posting from mobile, so no formatting.)

You have been invited to experience the Waking Up app for free. The app is unlocked for one month. Enjoy. (extra signature line removed)


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