512 ssd kvm vps free for month

We are offering 10 total in all 5 locations Chicago,Dallas,Frankfurt,Los Angeles,New York a kvm ssd vps free for one month with the following specs.

1 CPU Core (fair share)
512Mb RAM
20 GB SSD Disk Space
2 TB Bandwidth on 1gbps port (port speed reduced to 10mbps once bandwidth is used up)
1 ipv4

If you want to continue to use the vps after 30 days just pay the invoice $3.50 per month that will be generated 7 days before vps is terminated.

Down but not out.

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  • These are all gone now. Wasnt expecting these to go as fast as they did. We will do this again soon.

    Down but not out.

  • It's a good tactic to get people to try your network. After trying out a budget VPS with another provider here I saw their network and location were superior to my other low end VPS and moved two services to them. Paying less getting more.

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  • out of stock 🙏 thanks you Sir

    original user from +62

  • @Ganonk said:
    out of stock 🙏 thanks you Sir

    Sorry about that. We will do it again soon.

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    Down but not out.

  • @Ganonk
    I may have a 1GB VM from upcloud, if you really want. Can play with it for one month. Look for my thread, if you want.

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    You have been invited to experience the Waking Up app for free. The app is unlocked for one month. Enjoy.
    https://share.wakingup.com/1cb1d7 (extra signature line removed)

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