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SmallWeb Ltd is a UK company established with the aim of providing affordable low-cost web hosting without drawbacks in service quality. We implement efficient cost-cutting strategies to ensure we can maintain an increasing profit whilst also passing the savings on to our customers.

SmallWeb is our DirectAdmin hosting brand offering managed web hosting using DirectAdmin, CloudLinux and Softaculous on high grade servers with NVMe or SSD storage.

We are a UK based company but with a global reach with locations in 8 different countries.

  • Amsterdam, EU (AMD, SSD)
  • Germany, EU (AMD, NVMe)
  • Los Angeles, US (AMD, NVMe)
  • Luxembourg, EU (Intel, SSD)
  • London, UK (Intel, NVMe)
  • Melbourne, AU (Intel, NVMe)
  • New York, US (Intel, SSD)
  • Singapore, AS (Intel, NVMe)

You can view our hosting server specifications here.

All of our DirectAdmin hosting plans include:

  • NVMe or SSD Storage
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • Daily Backups (Remote)
  • DirectAdmin DNS Management
  • Free Softaculous App Installer
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Free Website Migration
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Online Roundcube Webmail
  • PHP Version Selector
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Day Refund Policy

SmallWeb ½GB
- ½GB Dedicated NVMe/SSD
- 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
- Host Up To 5 Domain Names


Amsterdam | Germany | Los Angeles | Luxembourg | London | Melbourne | New York | Singapore

SmallWeb 1GB
- 1GB Dedicated NVMe/SSD
- 250GB Monthly Bandwidth
- Host Up To 10 Domain Names


Amsterdam | Germany | Los Angeles | Luxembourg | London | Melbourne | New York | Singapore

SmallWeb 2GB
- 2GB Dedicated NVMe/SSD
- 500GB Monthly Bandwidth
- Host Up To 20 Domain Names


Amsterdam | Germany | Los Angeles | Luxembourg | London | Melbourne | New York | Singapore

SmallWeb Ltd. Company Number 12272693.

*LiteSpeed available in London and Singapore. CloudLinux available in all locations except Germany and New York.

Michael from SmallWeb


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    I regret to inform you that after one whole year I will no longer be... writing my own signatures in tickets. Now it's automated. This is just a bump.

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  • Are the daily backups user accessible ?

  • SmallWebSmallWeb Hosting ProviderOG

    @codedivine said:
    Are the daily backups user accessible ?

    They are admin side backups, you are able to create your own via DirectAdmin.

    From our Terms of Service:

    A backup script runs automatically via cron job on each individual DirectAdmin web server on a daily basis. These backups are stored locally on the server's storage drive and also independently transferred to a remote server where they are retained for up to 14 days. We provide these backups as a disaster recovery method and don’t intend them to be used for recovery of self-destructed data. We do not take or retain backups for shared or reseller accounts that have been suspended.

    You can take your own manual backups through the web server’s control panel providing your total storage usage is below 50%.

    Michael from SmallWeb

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    Happy July friends! I present this post as an alternative to re-posting the OP in a new thread. Nobody has forbidden me thus yet.

    SmallWeb is still offering the same great services as mentioned in the OP and we'd (I'd) love to have you if you haven't signed up already. :)

    For the blog readers out there I have created a category for SmallWeb "Behind the Scenes" posts here.

    Have a good day :D

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    suggestion: add an IPV6 column to the table in the post ... before someone asks (didnt' I read in one of the posts here that less than 10 percent of accounts actually use IPV6? Talk about a vocal minority!)

    (nice post btw =) )

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  • The SmallWeb Blog is one more thing that differentiates SmallWeb from other up-and-coming hosts. Regular updates show dedication and plan for the future. It's also a great way to document a successful journey.

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