8GB RAM, 80GB SSD for $56.10 from ssdnodes.

I recently got my hands on a SSDNodes VPS and performance is okay. Not the best but not very bad either. I posted yabs.sh and bench.monster on relevant threads. Support is great and quick.
Anyway, I received an email today with a coupon and thought of sharing with the community,big one wants to try the service. They say they have a 14 day refund policy on the first order.
these PROMO CODES to save at ANY of 7 locations through Saturday, June 6th:
🎉 Save $15 off any 1-Year Plan: LONDON15
🎉 Save $30 off any 3-Year Plan: LONDON30

Their is 10% discount on saint Jose location.

So the last price for 8GB plan, is $56.10 for one year.

Maybe someone will have a use.

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  • They don't support nested virt as well as multiple IPv4 :'( .

    https://duck.com (aff)
    https://ecosia.org (aff) Plant trees from home.
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  • Does anyone have a test IP for their SGP. Pm is fine.

  • I recommend against SSDNodes. There's always a sale and you can bet on performance degrading horribly after 6 months on top of intermittent unavailability (30 min to 3 hours at a time). Have been with them for 3 years, currently moving away.

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  • Anyone have personal experience on SG Location?

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