Discord Raises $ 100 Million. What's next for them?

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They plan to move beyond gaming. Will business adopt Discord?


p.s: considered putting this under Industry News but general seems more pt.


  • Are they still a privacy nightmare?

  • @sgheghele said:
    Are they still a privacy nightmare?

    I bet they are.

  • Discord is a sort of cancer.

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  • Thanks to @Amitz, now I am able to see the future clearly

    What's next for them?

    A party!

  • Imagine unironically using a service managed by furries

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    @sgheghele said:
    Are they still a privacy nightmare?

    It's "free" to use. What do you think?

    As for business adopting them. I have no clue why would they? You can achieve what discord is and much more within your own server system so to put. Even with already built applications like rocket, zulip etc.

    I swear to drunk Im not god

  • I actually really like Discord. It's fast, easy and efficient. For pure bullshit and chitchat it's perfect.

    As a business, privacy becomes a concern. But then there is always Mattermost, which you can run selfhosted.

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