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I thought of creating this thread as the title above suggests. Some Beta programs are not exactly free, but several providers offer a free upgrade to beta testers. Or they offer discounts and you are able to use the tools that otherwise would cost substantially higher than $ 7.

My recommendations -July 2020

I have been toying around with the two following tools recently. They are-
Pixelied for graphic design Link. (You can read my detailed review here
Cleaver Cloud - similar to Runcloud or Server Avatar Link:

Both are in beta, and in particular I am rather impressed by Pixelied. You can create, resize, edit images, download JPG, PNG or transparent PNGs. I have used the assets for production grade work - images for our podcasts, social media, blog and some posts on LES.

Cleaver is a little quirky - required Ubuntu 20.04 (only) and that might not be up to everyone's tastes. But
worth a try- I recall a few posts in which folks were interested in learning more about /trying out some fo the tools like Runcloud.
Rather than plan vanilla WP or CMS "x" only - you get a bit of a choice including node.js


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