Website simulate multi connection request.


Is there a way to test your website if it can handle many connections?
Is there a provider who provide such service?

Basically what I want is test my server if it can handle 25k-50k concurrent connection.
Is there a tool that I can use to achieve that?

I tried this k6 script from loadimpact but I get error. I don't understand.

How do you test your website or server to know if it can handle many connections at the same time.


  • I have mostly used Apache Jmeter but realistically as the infra is flexible I just use auto-scaling in the professional settings. Cron based scaling in infra where autoscaling is unavailable in likes of DO, Vultr, Linode and Hetzner. For the cron based setting I usually try to see the max peak load as that have easy to do.

    But everything depends on what is you app doing and where you wanna take it to.

  • If you are just testing number of connections, start with ab.

  • AbdullahAbdullah Hosting ProviderOG
  • İ used wrk http test library

  • wow thank you. I am not testing it. Looking the documentation. Thanks.

  • It is okay now guys. I think I'm good with Apache2 Bench.
    I tried loader io but free plan is low. I wanted to try but their pricing is way to costly.

    AB is fine for. Thanks.

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