Moss shuts down

Hi x,

I'm deeply sorry to tell you that Moss will shut down in the next few months. We've been struggling with > financial problems and we cannot keep providing the service any longer.

This is not the kind of email I'd like to be sending you, and I'm very sorry for the inconveniences that the > shutdown may cause you. Apologies beforehand. And please take the following into account:

  1. Leave them as they are. Despite Moss won't be available, your servers and websites will keep running. This is a valid option if you feel comfortable managing your servers on your own.
  2. Migrate your applications to new servers or platforms. For that, you can use a similar process as the one described in our documentation. E.g. check our Laravel application or WordPress site examples. There are quite a few tools out there which are similar to Moss. They can help you manage your servers so, if you choose one of them, don't forget to check their documentation about migrating existing applications.
    As you know, paid plans are charged at the beginning of the billing period (month or year). Canceling your subscription is equivalent to "not renewing the next period". Thus, once you've decided what to do with your servers, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want (remember that if you do nothing, your subscription will cancel on November 30). In case you're subscribed to a legacy yearly plan and you cancel it, send us a message and we'll refund the proportional amount you haven't consumed yet.

With these measures, we hope you have enough time to move out from Moss in the best possible way. You can get in touch in case you have any question.

Thank you so much for having trusted Moss all this time. We deeply regret we haven't been able to meet your expectations and offer you a lasting service.

Best wishes,


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