Request: Monitor recommendation for use with Macbook Pro 16

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LES Team -

Looking for an external monitor recommendation to be used with a MacBook Pro 16 in my WFH setup (a standing desk setup).

Should be available or shippable to India.

Purpose: Work/Code. No gaming. Little design (app/mobile) work.

What is your view about 2K or 4K monitors? Any personal recommendations? What makes an ideal monitor size for work setup?

Is USB-C monitor worth? (I see that most USB-C monitors, which support power delivery only support upto 60/65W. Macbook Pro requires 96W)

I did look at for recommendations. Most of them are expensive or unavailable in India.

Thanks in advance.

what is your ideal monitor setup?
  1. What do you recommend for a monitor setup?17 votes
    1. 4K/5K monitor
    2. 2K monitor
    3. Full HD (1080p)
  2. What is your ideal external monitor size?17 votes
    1. <= 24 inches
    2. 27" inches
    3. 32-34" inches
    4. >40" inches


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