Just found this via PorkBun...

Seems like it's just marketing? Thoughts?


  • Marketing junk. 99% of spam through my mail server comes from SPF records. Spammers get the cheapest TLD and create legitimate SPF records. I might end up flagging mail from anything that is not a TLD with two or three letters, I don't recall getting a single useful message.

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  • @tetech said: Marketing junk

    That was my thought as well :)

  • I agree with above, it's junk. I could possibly imagine some marketing or promotion cases where one would use it for a website if you find a suitable name matching the tld, but I would never use it for mail or anything infrastructure.

    I strongly suspect that there are probably thousands of snippets of code out there to validate email-addresses that still expects the tld to be 2 or 3 characters.

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