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Was playing around with CF speed test
Nice clean interface, (almost) no lag compared to Speedtest.net; and I liked the results.

Update: probably this has been around longer (see post below)!As a part of their 10 year anniversary I think - CF released it this week

Below are screenshots from my 100/100 home network.
Interestingly enough, when I used a VPN (DO, Bengaluru) - it connected me to CF POP in Chennai.
For VPN w/ Pune location- Mumbai (both makes sense). What does NOT make sense is when I go "commando" i.e. turn the VPN off,
speed.cloudflare.com took me to Singapore.

Below are results from same network

Mac + Firefox - CF Chennai
speed results using speed.cloudflare.


  • it's been around for longer IIRC

    ur boi, mike wazar

  • vyasvyas OGContent Writer

    @mikewazar said:

    In that case I updated the OP! Thanks

  • The results on it for my internet is less than 50% 530/28 on speedtest.net only 213/25 on Cloudflare speed.

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    Can confirm. I believe it takes latency as metric to determine it...

    I tried it on jio airtel and "you" broadband and got redirected to Singapore on jio and you.

    Only on Airtel it choose the nearest Singapore server

    P.S. jio had very bad local peering and routing

  • Also what is your isp? 14ms to Singapore from india is really good specially when most game servers are in Singapore

  • Getting this. Connected through WiFi, so the speedtest doesn’t make sense. Does connect me to the right POP though. Traceroutes to sites behind CF go to London or Düsseldorf sometimes.

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    @debaser you can verify using https://speed.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace. On paid CF I always get the nearest location (CGK), but free CF randomly served from US/SG

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