Someone modded a fully mechanical 1930 Teletype to be used as a linux terminal.

AnthonySmithAnthonySmith AdministratorHosting Provider

This is very much something that I would love to own.

If you are only interested in seeing it work rather than learn how it works start the video at around 10:15


Some commenters requested that we use our restored vintage 1930 Model 15 Teletype as a terminal for Linux. Hooking up a 5-bit Baudot mechanical contraption to a modern OS, even one that is terminal friendly, is not without some challenges: adapting to the non-standard high voltage 60 mA current loop, interfacing ASCII to the much smaller and different Baudot encoding, working in all caps, dealing with Baudot FIGS and LTRS modes, and making sure the computer doesn't overrun the pokey 45.5 bauds connection. But hey, Unix was developed on (much more modern 8-bit) teletypes, so that should still work, shouldn't it?

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