Isolated Private Networking LANs arrive at BuyVM!

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This emails about to be blasted out and wanted to give LES the scoop.


If you use our Shared SQL services you must make changes to your service! Please continue reading this email!

We’re happy to announce the availability of isolated Private Networking LANs at BuyVM! These networks are isolated to you and your KVM Slice instances and allows you to use any IP addresses you want over the interface, run multicast services (for “keepalived” or services like that), or even run your own DHCP servers for VPNs. This feature also means you can provision a KVM Slice and treat it as a router, NAT’ing traffic to other servers on your LAN.

LANs are currently limited to services within the same location and don’t span locations. This might change in the future but as of now we’re keeping things simple. Private Networking is disabled by default and requires you follow the following steps to enable it.

1) Login to Stallion at
2) Click the instance you want to enable it on
3) Click Networking
4) Click “Private Networking”
5) Click the “On” button on the right
6) Click “Save Changes” at the bottom
7) Power off and Power on your service

There is no DHCP in place to automagically assign your LAN IP address. You must manually configure your choice of IP subnet. We recommend using a block from,, or, as these are reserved for private usage.

If you’re using our Shared SQL services you must update your IP from to one of the following:

Las Vegas ->
New York ->

You will also have to update your “Hosts” list inside of DirectAdmin to allow your public IP address.

Please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket if you need assistance with any of this!

We hope you and your loved ones are safe & healthy throughout the holiday season.

As always, we thank you for your patronage over the years.



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