MXroute email provider review

I think that good hosting, and other service (including the emails) providers are not a majority.
When looking at budget prices - it's even less likely to find high quality options.

In my experience so far, since August of 2019, MXroute has offered a very good, stable, and reliable email service. And deserve all the praise they can get. No hick-ups, no problems - just set and forget. As it should be.

I'm sure that most of the LESbians are already well aware of this, but in case any newbies make the mistake of joining this rotten place :) - thought it would be a good idea to write and share my good experience. Looking back - I only regret not having found out about MXroute earlier.

Sure, many hosting providers offer email "for free" (included in the price), but, at least in my experience, having tried several shared/reseller hosting providers (both budget, and "premium"), hosted email service, MXroute in particular (in my case), is head and shoulders above that (pros and cons of using hosted email service).

I don't know if they still sell lifetime offers - which is what I got. Relatively modest storage space, but I download all the emails to Gmail email client, so for me it is not an issue (normal people, concerned about their privacy, can use any other email client, or use MXroute emai storage space - I find Gmail more convenient, with all the pros and cons).

Keep up the good work @jarland & the co! :)

Mostly harmless ™
I/O Gremlin


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