The Web is 30 Soon! Celebrate with your own /48 ipv6 assignment!

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In order to celebrate the WWW turning 30 on 25 December,
i have decided to celebrate with a very special offer!

=> You can celebrate by getting a IPv6 PA Network (/48) or AS (Autonomous System)!

The offer:

  • /48 IPv6 PA assignment
  • ASN (if applicable/required)

=> for the price of just 30 Euro per year (recurring). - KLICK -

This offer also includes:

  • ASN-Sponsoring Lir service for 1 Year
  • Free: LOA (Letter of Authorisation) if needed


  • Must be in the RipeNCC Service Area
  • You do not have any pre-existing ASN/IP-Resources
  • Be 18+ Years of Age
  • Have all your required Materials ready

List of Requirements for the RipeNCC:

  • Reg. Details: Your full legal name, address, Phone number, Email address
  • Created Maintainer, Person, Organization objects in the RipeDB - set mnt-ref: SWG-LIR-MNT
  • Copy of your ID and Company Registration (if requesting on behalf of a company)
  • ASN: Two BGP peers you will use - preferably (at least) one is transit in the Region
  • Proof of Active Network Elements in the Region (ie: invoice for transit, Servers,...)
  • Desired Name for your new AS (if requested)

Prohibited Activity that may result in termination:

  • Fraud/Spamming/...
  • Violating current laws (such as European, or member state laws,...)
  • ...

Note: Should the RipeNCC in the future decide to place a charge/fee on ASNs for Sponsoring Lir's,
then obviously the right to impose a charge to cover sponsoring costs is reserved.

Have any questions? Want to order? => contact [email protected] or Follow-this-Link!

(Sources: )

Valid until 1st Jan 2021

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