YABS Banner/Logo Competition -- Calling All Graphic Gurus -- Prizes & Street Cred - Submit by 11 Jan

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I'm looking for a new logo/banner design to be face of the Yet Another Bench Script (YABS) project. I would like to swap out the xkcd comic currently on the repo page and instead replace it with a design created by someone in the community. Because I see YABS as a community-powered project, I'd also like to source the logo design from the community as well instead of heading to Fiverr or some other site.

Friendly Competition Details:

  • Submissions due by 1700 EST (2200 UTC), 11 January 2021
  • LES Poll will determine winner after all submissions gathered (community picks winner, basically)
  • Dimensions don't matter too much, it'll be scaled to not take up an obscene amount of space in the GitHub repo
  • Themes to consider: community-focused, open-source, disk/network/cpu performance, Linux, etc.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed

Prizes To Be Had:

  • Winner will be mailed some stickers that I have from various providers in the community
  • $20 sent to your LES provider of choice as account credit (or donated to charity of your choice)
  • Winner's design added to the YABS repo with attribution/link to personal webpage
  • Mad street cred and bragging rights
  • $50 Nexus Bytes credit courtesy of @seriesn

Post your submissions in this thread in the next 2 weeks (by 11 Jan) to be included in the winner selection poll. Let me know any questions/concerns that you have.


What in tarnation? A little yabs'll do ya!



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