What's best way to clone a Windows drive to a remote server

Hi, I've already sent this on that other green forum, but people seem doesn't care to about my thread, so Ill repost this:

I'm looking for a way to backup a Windows disk, to a remote server or online storage, or something like that. I have just around ~750GB on a failing 1TB Seagate HDD that had developed bad sectors and a new, identical unit. The data I have is mostly downloads, isos, backups of backups, etc. I have backed up one partition and one more in progress using Rsync, but sometimes it's tedious and fails on permission (whoops my fault), but it works. Now I'm looking for other tools to backup the main Windows partition without using Rsync (fails on permission). The remote server is running on Debian 10. I did a search but nothing works for me

I can think of 3 ways on both machines:

  1. Clonezilla (but it's out of the question since I don't have any USB, and my source just refuse to boot from a SD card)

2.rsync (simple but tedious)

  1. dd & ddrescue

  2. Veeam

Any more suggestion that I cant think of, preferred Windows but Linux is fine


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