Blesta v5 Released!

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As posted earlier by @XiNiX in another forum:

Blesta 5 has been Released !

FIVE-ZERO has been released!

This major release includes upgrades to Bootstrap, jQuery, Font Awesome, and many other libraries. Deprecated code and superfluous libraries have been removed. The system requirements have increased significantly. Also included is a new, highly requested navigation editor. Add or delete primary and secondary navigation links and sort them for the staff, client, or public areas.

Upload and preview your logo for the staff and client areas. VAT VIES integration improves EU tax support. Emoji's are now supported system-wide, including support tickets, packages, order forms, emails, and just about everywhere.

A responsive staff area and expanded color options for client themes bring improvements to the UI. For those who have multiple order forms, you can now sort their display order on the order form listing page. Table rows that can be expanded now include and expand icon to improve UX. The noVNC console is now supported by the SolusVM module.

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