FINAL VOTE on Top 3 Designs -- YABS Banner/Logo Competition

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Part 3 of 3 of the YABS Banner/Logo Competition

Part 1 Design submission thread:
Part 2 Design downselect thread:

Finally, I can soon stop annoying you all with this as now is the time for the final vote. Pick the ONE design you think is the best. Design with the most votes in the poll will receive the honors of being the new YABS logo and the designer will get all the prizes indicated in the previous two threads.

Voting will end on 22 January 2021 at 1600 EST [2100 UTC]

Option 1 by @DianTama

Option 2 by @thedp

Option 3 by @webkesh

Good luck to all! And thanks everybody! :)

Best design for YABS?
  1. Pick your favorite design that best represents YABS90 votes
    1. Option 1 by DianTama
    2. Option 2 by thedp
    3. Option 3 by webkesh

What in tarnation? A little yabs'll do ya!



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