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Hi All,
I need to know your recommendation, I am now using OpenVZ VPS with cPanel control panel. I am now planning to use R1Soft for my clients which is not supported by OpenVZ. So, I am planning to migrate it to Xen Servers.

Is this a good move/decision?


  • Xen now feels like an extinct hypervisor. I suggest using KVM.

    Recommend: SmallWeb|BuyVM|Linode|RamNode

  • cybertechcybertech OGBenchmark King

    KVM best.

    Mostly lurking for now.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Hosting Provider

    Move to KVM, it has significantly wider support and you will have many more options.

    If you do decide to go with Xen anyway please make sure it is at least Xen HVM not Xen PV.
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  • vyasvyas OGContent Writer
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    The Xen Master has spoken

    (See comment above this one)

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    Enjoy the bugs and regressions in R1Soft CDP. (I battled with developers for months, before deciding it wasn't worth the effort.) :# is expired.

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