Did we ever mentioned here that Paypal now supports buying and selling main cryptos?

For me this is new, for others it might be old since it was announced on October 2020. Currently users cannot use the coins to pay with PayPal but is something that will be implemented this year.

Currently the users can buy , hold and sell for the main cryptos (BTC, LTC, Ethereum, BTC Cash) through PayPal. There is a cost for trading, for that refer to the official PayPal website. No cost for holding.

Not sure if people are worried about anonymity , etc , for me that's not an issue, but I well understand why it would be an issue for others.

This is a major move, bringing crypto to the mainstream. If you have a PayPal account, its just a click for the sign up. I believe this caused the market to go up last year when it was announced.

Let's discuss!


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    Not your keys, not your coins.

    You don't know if PayPal actually buys the coin (like how many are concerned with Robinhood not buying given their liquidity shortage). Sure, PayPal will probably buy it, but there might be a day when you will not be able to say that with confidence.

    Buy and hodl on your own wallet (cold, preferably) :)

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  • Moving cash into crypto via coinbase/binance is a pain in the ass so that's welcome

    Trying my luck with some of the newer coins instead. Conflux in particular looks interesting

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