Hetzner AX51-NVME Available for Transfer

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Hetzner AX51-NVME in Helsinki with additional /29 available for transfer. I need it only one more day, or maybe two.

Paid until February 25. Monthly billing from Hetzner is € 54.00 for the server + € 6.72 for the IPs = € 60.72 (plus VAT, if applicable). Setup fee if ordered directly from Hetzner is € 59.00, but there is no setup fee for transfers.

This AX51 a great server! I am sadly letting it go only because I got an AX101.

Does anybody here want it? If not I will put it up in the Hetzner Marketplace forum. If you want it, please post here or PM me your offer.

Best wishes and kindest regards! 🙏

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