$70 NexusBytes Credits available for transfer if anyone Interested.

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You might find this thread weird, but with this current hard situation, I need some hard cash to support my daily needs. So, with this thread, I'm gonna sell my $70 NexusBytes Credits just for $55. I got the credits from winning a YABS Logo Contest ( here )

I have asked @Mason and @seriesn permission to cash out the prize, and they allowed me to.

Price: SOLD
Payment: Paypal, BTC, ETH

1. You must have an active paid service with nexusbytes for longer than 3 months.

The balance/credit will be transferred to your account through Nexusbytes Customer Support.
Proof: http://talk.lowendspirit.com/uploads/editor/9e/qcysfoazidhd.png

Thank You!


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