Document Management Software - What Are You Guys Using?

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In a short while I'd like to begin cutting down on the paper documents that I store and need to keep track of. My filing cabinet is pretty full at this point, so I'd really like to go through and shred anything obsolete and scan/organize anything else that's worth keeping. Has anyone here played around with different open-source document management software?

I've looked into paperless-ng and put that on a home server using Docker. Haven't started uploading any docs to it yet, but it seems pretty easy to manage and use. I really like that it uses text detection to make everything searchable, so that's a pretty nice feature. Here's a screenshot of the dashboard -

Has anyone used paperless-ng before and if so, do you recommend it? Seems to be the recommended successor to the original paperless, which is no longer being maintained. I have a printer that's able to be auto-fed paperwork for scanning, so that should make the process easy for me. If you use something similar that you really like, I'd be happy to hear about it!


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  • I never knew stuff like this even existed, I might have to try it for myself >.<
    It does seem pretty good.

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    paperless-ng ❤️

    great choice, 99.9% recommendation

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    I use Teedy. Also runs in Docker and has great OCR. It can monitor an email box for new documents, so my scanner sends all my scanned documents there.
    I also looked into paperless 2 years ago before it's UI got an overhaul but never got used to it.

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    I juse use a harddrive but some sort of managment system would be better.. you've opened my eyes good sir.

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  • ehabehab Content Writer

    @SmallWeb said:
    . you've opened my eyes good sir.

    i agree with you 100%, i am now looking at Teedy.

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    I have them on Koofr/GDrive. Easy enough to sort, move & manage.

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    @Ympker said:

    hi man, nice of you to add an app here. tell us how is Koofr. Do you use it every day? should one consider paying?

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    @ehab said:

    @Ympker said:

    hi man, nice of you to add an app here. tell us how is Koofr. Do you use it every day? should one consider paying?

    Hey there mate. I bought the 1TB Koofr Lifetime Deal on Stacksocial about a year (or 1,5 years?) ago. Since then I have moved about ~260GB there. I have two Koofr Folders synced to my Laptop at all times, so yeah, using it daily. Also really happy with the performance which is near stellar which is not that surprising, given that they are hosted with Hetzner :P In Germany I only had 25 Mbit/s upload so I couldn't really test upload to Koofr that much but here in Spain I have 100 Mbit/s upload and uploads/syncs are super fast :)

    With 2 clicks you can also copy folders frkm GDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive to Koofr :)

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    @Mason said:

    different open-source document management software?

    I am going to cheat a little bit and say that Microsoft Lens for the actual scanning (I use my iphone) is a little cumbersome but an awesome way- a sixpack of beer and a hot Sunday afternoon, you can scan and sort over 400 pages (correct number was 506) in under 4 hours.

    Or get drunk and have a good time (been there, done both).

    The reason I said "cheat" was because I interpreted your Q as "Document management" not" document scanning".

    Coming to the document management:

    ProjectSend and Seedms are worth taking a look. Former bomb'ed in our case for multi-used, but for single user it worked well. Have considered File Run as well .

    Yes, Koofr is awesome (though not Open Source). We use it for our podcasts, so far 250 GB has proven effective. We might bump it up shortly to a new TB plan for business.

  • I have a bunch of scans (digital photos) in jpg files that I can view with a thumbnail viewer, with a few notes in text files about what is where. The amount of stuff isn't enough to need a more serious level of organization so far.

  • alwyzonalwyzon Hosting Provider

    Very interesting tools. Both Teedy and paperless-ng look really useful and both seem to be open-source. If you get the chance to try both please share your impressions!

    – Michael

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    Alwyzon - KVM Virtual Servers in AT and NL starting at 1,80 €/month (excl. VAT)

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    I would love to hear what you think about both solutions as well. So far, I have found that my "document management system" of putting tons of PDF files in a Google Drive folder is not working very well :joy:

    Edit: Maybe you can consider and too. I saw these on Reddit and they both look like solid options.

  • I usually use static builder tools like docusaurus, vuepress

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