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Hi, On a nat vps (MrVM @mikho): Does the domain forwarding capability really only work at the domain level and not subdomain/host level?
Situation (all HTTPS):

  • Forwarding entries for work fine.
  • But forwarding entries for anything does not. I tried 3 domains/subs and all the same (some I only entered the sub for to test if it was that you couldn't have a domain and a sub of that domain).
  • The domain level entries get forwarded fine to my vps but any sub/host entries get forwarded to another customers vps/website on the same server/ip (which interestingly IS a sub/host - [not the real one]). So no matter what I setup in the "domain forwarder", they all go to the same (some other customer).

Thanks for any thoughts on this...


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    Open a ticket and I’ll have a look in the morning when I know which bode you are on.

    Most likely some customer entered the wrong config somewhere and it got all mixed up.

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    @mikho said:
    Most likely some customer entered the wrong config somewhere and it got all mixed up.

    To prevent a customer mistakenly or maliciously enter a domain they do not own, you need a verification procedure.

    One approach is, the load balancer would forward a hostname to a container only if the hostname has both an A record pointing to the IPv4 and an AAAA record pointing to any IPv6 of the container.
    In case the customer doesn't want to set an AAAA record for some reason (e.g incompatibility with clients), they can also pass this verification by setting a TXT record that with their container ID.

    Google and Cloudflare had this for years.
    Premium NAT providers like yourself need to have it.

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