Are you already a winner?

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Within the next hour, I will make a noticable change regarding this community.

The winner will be the one who notices this change first and shares it on Social media, discord (LES channel excluded) or another forum.
Basicly anywhere except within the LES community.

Proof of your post on this change must be a screenshot and posted in this thread.

First, and only prize, will be a custom made tag/group that will show by your name for 1 month.

Rules for the tag are

  • Not offensive
  • Tag must not already exist.
    You can NOT select ”Hosting Provider” if you don’t already have it.

  • everything else that I can’t think of right now that would put me in a bad position.

Judge and jury on who wins the prize: me (not @Mason)

Time starts now! (21:48 CET).

Get 4 or more NAT servers (mix/match between packages) and get a 20 % recurring discount.

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