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Below is a list of freelance workers who have been given a Freelancer tag on LES.

This list will be updated every time a new freelancer tag is issued.

In order to be added to the list please apply for a freelancer tag after reading the main rules post.

Freelancers in the order they joined.

Freelancer Website LES Username Services Offered
Sven Slootweg OSS & Training Node Work , Code review @joepie91 Software Development, Tutoring, Code Review
ReadyDedis LinkedIN @ReadyDedis Software Development, web design, System Administration, Whitelabel Support
MYW SysAdmin, Whitelabel Support @MikePT System Administration, Whitelabel Support
Asim Zeeshan GitHub , DockerHub @Asim Software Development, DevOps, Training, Code Review, Whitelabel Support, Consultancy


If anyone has any reviews please post them on the freelancers profile directly by simply clicking on their LES usernames from the list above

Last Update 11th December 2019

THIS Post will remain closed, any discussion can take place outside of this thread, if anyone has any legitimate concerns about a Freelancer on this list please PM me.

Thanks to @mrtilde for spending time on the table/markdown

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