Contabo announced what type of crypto tasks are allowed to be run on their servers

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  • So mining Ethereum is recommended?

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  • No more abusive cores

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    @sanvit said:
    So mining Ethereum is recommended?

    Now, when looking at the table, I am honestly a bit confused by it. Posted this while I was on commute. Will have to look at it later again. I wouldn't say they recommend anything in the table. They only state "allowed" (which does not mean recommended, though), "allowed, not recommended" and "prohibited".

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  • @sanvit said:
    So mining Ethereum is recommended?

    Mining, not really but staking yes, since ETH will be only Proof of Stake (PoS) soon, not like now Proof of Work (PoW)

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    That is basically telling people to plot Chia.

    People tend to do the opposite of what is asked in general.

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    @sanvit said:
    So mining Ethereum is recommended?

    No: mining Ethereum is allowed but it's neither recommended nor not recommended (i.e., there's no recommendation for or against)

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    plotting to chia or all about to sales marketing - Your Hosting, Our Responsibility!

  • @sanvit said:
    So mining Ethereum is recommended?

    It's entirely pointless. Weak throttled CPU mining will take a billion years to hit even min pay-out on a pool

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