[KTS24.com] New SSD offers. More storage! More CPU power! Same price per GB Ram!

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The new generation of our popular SSD KVM servers has been available for a few days.
Contrary to what we expected, we have managed to keep the price per GB Ram identical to the old generation and thus increase the CPU performance and the available memory at no extra charge!

Customers who want to upgrade from the old SSD generation to the new one can contact our support team who will be happy to help. Please note that this does not apply to special deals!

All offerings are protected against outages by Voxility DDoS Protection and are located in our colocation in the Netherlands.
We provide Looking Glass to test the connection: https://lg.nl.haendler.it/

All systems are powered by two independent circuits and are redundantly connected to our network to ensure the best possible stability of your systems.

For more information about the data center, please visit: https://kts24.com/about/datacenter

SSD G2 - 0.5 GB

1 shared Intel E5 Core
0.5 GB RAM
7 GB SSD storage
IPv4 / IPv6 inclusive

1,49 € per month
Order now

SSD G2 - 1 GB

1 shared Intel E5v2 Core
15 GB SSD storage
IPv4 / IPv6 inclusive

1,99 € / Monat
Order now

SSD G2 - 2 GB

1 shared Intel E5v2 Core
30 GB SSD storage
IPv4 / IPv6 inclusive

2,99 € per month
Order now

SSD G2 - 4 GB

2 shared Intel E5v2 Cores
60 GB SSD storage
IPv4 / IPv6 inclusive

4,99 € per month
Order now

On our website you will find offers for up to 16 GB RAM, but more powerful SSD vServers can also be offered on request: https://kts24.com/vps
With all offers it is possible to rent additional hard disks, IP addresses or backup slots.


  • This are your normal prices not special prices, aren't they?

  • RapToNRapToN Hosting ProviderOG

    These offers are not limited in time and should we run out of resources we will gladly expand our vServer Cloud.

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  • What payment methods are accepted?

    Recommend: MyRoot.PW|Gnu-Host|Inception Hosting|Prometeus

  • RapToNRapToN Hosting ProviderOG

    Currently Paypal, Sepa transfer, Paysafecard and Sofort transfer are available.
    Internationally, we are a bit poorly positioned here, but I'm going to put the pressure on so that we can accept credit cards as well.

    Thanked by (1)vpsgeek3333
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