FluidStack Hiring A Full Time Full Stack Software Engineer

lentrolentro Hosting Provider

Anyone interested?

FluidStack enables the deployment of GPU compute power at dozens of providers globally at affordable prices. Customers can order long-term dedicated servers or instant servers through an intuitive dashboard or API.

Product & Customer Focus Our core dashboard averages over 1.5 commits per day. Yes, our website / API improves an average of 1.5 times every day! You'll be at the helm of our ever-improving product, fixing bugs and developing new features that make machine learning and rendering more accessible.

Responsibilities & Opportunities Hire freelancers to complete rudimentary tasks so you can focus on complex architectural / design challenges. Create products at lightning speed with autonomy and flexibility.

So, what do you need?

  • Knowledge of Python
  • Some web design (vanilla HTML/CSS/JS + Bootstrap)

The ideal candidate would be in based London so could attend team meetings in-person at our workspace at WeWork, though remote applicants are also accepted.

Compensation would include both salary and vested stock.

Shoot me a DM or email [email protected] if you or a friend is interested.

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