Keepsolid VPN News - A Year in Review and DNS Firewall to be incorporated into VPN Unlimited

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Keepsolid, the company behind VPN Unlimited, recently published an interesting blog article where they reviewed their year 2021 throughout all their products. Might be a good read for some people here since many members here use Keepsolid's lifetime VPN deal and, perhaps, are interested in seeing where things are headed.

They also recently published an article stating that the DNS Firewall, that was a separate product until now, would be incorporated into VPN Unlimited "for most plans". In my User Office it still shows "expired" for DNS Firewall after the 6 months trial a while back, but I already contacted them and asked whether I would also get this :)
Can anyone see the DNS Firewall as "unlocked" in their user area?

Edit: Reply from support just came in. Unfortunately DNS Firewall is part of premium features to which you can get a lifetime sub upgrade for 49,99$:

Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, you do not have a subscription for DNS Firewall on your account.
In order to use DNS Firewall feature, you need to purchase a Premium Upgrade.
Premium upgrade provides you with free access to all features and services which will be added in the future as an addition to regular VPN Unlimited service. DNS Firewall is the first feature of that kind which was added and there are more upcoming.

If you decide to upgrade to Premium, we are offering the discount here:...

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