[Guide] Linking VS Code to a VPS file system

Started a new blog with technical articles about linux, servers etc & I reckon the initial post might be of interest to you guys: You can hook a fullblown IDE - Visual Studio Code - into a VPS remotely via SSH.

Why do you need this in your life? Because it's a text editor on steroids with endless extensions available for docker, yaml, python etc plus all the creature comforts of a IDE.

e.g. Docker extension

Step by step on how to achieve this magic:


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    Nice! I pm'd some minor edit suggestions.

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  • Is there a way to create the SSH config with a param that will tell VS CODE to SSH me directly to a specific DIR on the VPS machine?

    DOS = HIGH?!?
    I knew it was on something!

  • The remote dev extension on VSCode is awesome! It even does port forwarding out of the box

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