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Hello community,

i'd like to share some space from my webserver.

- 2 cores
- 3 gig ram
- 50 gig disk

so here is my offer:
- 1 Site (soft limit).
- 100MB disk (soft limit).
- No database limits.
- Fastpanel control panel.

how to get it:
1. you can send me a pm.
2. I need your username | purpose (I'm fine with anything just give me a idea what it is) | do accept that is best effort hosting.
3. once you sended me the pm i will provide you the login details

requirements to be eligible:
1. your account is in good shape.
2. must understand that i offer best effort hosting to test this panel.

Things to know
- i can stop the service if i see unforeseen issues. if i need to shut down a message prior time will be provided.
- i do this as a hobby. issues will be solved in time i am available.
- i provide as much as i think the server can handle.

i do have a zero tolerance to abuse 1 penalty is out of the game.

Post4vps Free vps for 20 post/m



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