mrvm norway problem with the webserver

Since yesterday the webserver is not responding very well. I have tried to check if nginx is running and listening, tried rebooting but no. Occasionally I can access the domain main page I have linked to this nat vps after waiting for a minute or so. However if I try access some file within there, after a while the cloudflare comes up with error 522 "browser: working - cloudflare:working - host:error"

After rebooting, when I created a new tmux and tried connecting to an irc server, the connection timed out at first which was strange, but then it did connect on the 2nd try. Also to the main page of the domain using web browser I got connected the same time it finally connected to the irc server possibly indicating some lag. However chatting on IRC and working on the vps through ssh has no lag at all. Pinging websites like from the vps is working normally.

I wonder what's wrong? How to debug more?



  • Do you have any info about memory consumption or CPU usage while these issues are happening?

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  • CPU is 0.7% to 0.8% and memory is 34MB of 128MB while trying to reload the page just like when not trying to reload the page.

    I installed htop to this vps, and I noticed that when I ran apt-get install htop, it was stuck there connecting to the ipv6 address of for a minute or longer, and then suddenly it loaded and quickly downloaded the package. It's like it's jammed and then suddenly works, same as when I try access my domain linked to this server.

    When I have had an outage or such problem on mrvm, I have posted on the lowendspirit forum and the mrvm guy "mikho" usually answers in a day or two, but now I can't access that forum it seems, it redirects to this "talk" of lowendspirit. So I registered here and trying to ask about it here. I wonder if mikho is reading this forum, or if I have picked a wrong subforum for mikho to see this?

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    ... for mikho to see this?

    @mikho is here ... ^^

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    Been working almost around the clock the last week or so (can't really remember for how long).

    Was this on the OVZ7 node in Norway?
    I had some reports from the monitoring system about some network issues, it should have returned to normal by now.

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