Hello everyone.

Howdy. I'm Shawn from the Deep South. I'm new here, so use lube please. I'm originally from the Midwest from a small town named Hallows, ND. I actually didn't have a computer until 2006. I like walking in the forest looking for mushrooms, LEMP stacks, MOS 6502, BSD distributions (but not the people who use them) and a good ol' backyard BBQ smoke-out. I am the proud lessee of several LEBen which are idling to perfection, just like my old F-250 with a trusty 351W in it (wish I could say the same about Ford transmissions). I also have a large collection of fishing lures and old shoe shine boxes. I digress.

It's wonderful to be on here. Life is good but systemd still sucks.

Fun Fact: You can use Markdown in your post.

Neato eh?

Are you glad to meet me?
  1. Hell yeah.13 votes
    1. Not sure yet.
    2. Oh shit fellas, look who they let off the ship.


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