[For Sale] 1U E3 1270v3 + 32GB RAM + X10SLM-F - $225/each!

FranciscoFrancisco Hosting ProviderOG
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We've done a fairly large hardware overhaul and have quite a few of these units spare.

  • Supermicro 512L/512F chassis (2.5" drive cage included)
  • Intel 1270v3 CPU
  • Supermicro X10SLM-F/X10SLL-F
  • 1U passive heatsink

$225.00/each + shipping

Servers are physically located in Fiberhub. If you have services with them we can personally rack them for you.

If you're buying multiple nodes we can do any customizing you want (specific SSD's you want installed, etc) saving you on future remote hands. You'd just have to mail the drives to us in Vegas. We can also pre-badge & pre-configure all IPMI's to your specifications.

EDIT - You're my family and I love you but you're terrible. You're all terrible. Have a $10/each discount over what I'm giving on WHT.



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