HappyBeeHost Pretty much help me Boost rank on SEO after Using it a month

First of all when you being asked from local folks about a question "Is it "Server" really help you to do make your site perform in a good rank position from a keyword/query being ask? ". My answer is totally yes. This is what I feel when I try to host my website with @HappyBee or happybeehost, because you need good perform ONSITE SEO with doing effectively when your site being visited.

Wait ... but don't you think is it must be in good quality content too?

Yes of course , It must be. Because you can't leave it with badly density with doing spamming of words with using repeat it too often. Plugin like Yoast is must be or another kind like that, must be inside on it, if you using Wordpress as your Bloging's SAAS .

But from my point in here, you need a good server which is totally help you to serve what do you want.

Good latency, 100% uptime, Trust and of course one important thing is Cost which is can cover you up for requirement.

So I hope with my journey a month with @HappyBee will give you information what provider should you choose or decide when you want do producing your website.

Especially if you concern to be as a publisher when competition in Search Engine Rank is critical point you have to pass.

Succeed for you all guys. ;)

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  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith AdministratorHosting Provider

    Great, verifiable before and after metrics please?

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  • Local SEO pretty much got an impact about Covid , what I mean is when query looked for a small scope area, but it was pretty much help when a good condition of situation into normal. Because on my competition of local query it was on low-middle, so when a big company of news online wrote the same thing it will influence your position too, but depend on details and completely of content on SEO being fullfiled, I guess, It still winning it.

    Actually I help promote your Inception too on Facebook Group Segmented discussion correlating with this, but seem local reseller pretty much have to influence doing often to offer their product.

  • deankdeank OGOfficial Troll

    The end is nigh.

    The Amitz day is October 21. ||| I call people by their soulname. ||| I do not click links.

  • WSSWSS Retired

    If SEO has been increased that much within a month, perhaps they're in the wrong business.

    My pronouns are asshole/asshole/asshole. I will give you the same courtesy.

  • @deank said:
    The end is nigh.

    I thought it is not exactly, because there are still pretty much younger people still have on motivating doing as starter, but the problem is they have not yet understand like Johnlincoln done with his company especially in SEO works.

  • @WSS said:
    If SEO has been increased that much within a month, perhaps they're in the wrong business.

    No, I mean for a keyword/query been looked pretty much helps change/move from 2nd to 1st, but surely one article content is must support your main keyword you bid.

    It's depend on Google do too for treating your work.
    Beside on that choosing of template or themes is important factor too.

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