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  • Thanks for your responses, but I still don't understand what ballooning is for if memory is allocated at 100% anyways.
  • Great guide! Thanks!
  • (Quote) I have dynamic memory, and all the drivers required to work correctly installed. Thats why its surprise me that the memory its still allocated.
  • @Not_Oles Thanks for explaining this. Now I know why the other rules dissapear when I change them directly through iptables. @tetech those are not my real ips, I change them.
  • (Quote) You were not wrong, I was wrong ^^. Like you already know, Im new at this. I found that its possible to add rules to vm's after saving iptables and review them. Now im facing issues with fail2ban filter for banning the detected IP's for a wh…
  • Thank you all for the replies. I've been reading a bit. Seems that I can't control VM Windows traffic through host iptables, have to look for other alternative. Also, didn't found much info about something similar to connlimit on proxmox fw, all the…
  • Solved. Seems to be a dns flush problem, weird since ping was pointing ok,but browser didnt. Thx to all for the help!
  • (Quote) No problem, sended.
  • (Quote) Didn't work, domain is pointed ok (ping shows server ip). Whenever I try to access through explorer (chrome, firefox, etc) on plain domain its shows me: (Image) on :8006: On server host config I think its okay. (Quote)
  • Thx for the welcome ^^ I do know that, but, like the guide is showing, in order to add a SSL certificate to the proxmox gui access, is needed to add a domain wich points to server, and then ask the SSL. My use won't be hosting sites, but for my priv…
  • Hello @Not_Oles , thx for the guide, just one question... could you elaborate on how to add a domain to dedicated server? Thanks.