Opcache vs apcu vs apc vs xcache

Whenever I setup new VPS with aaPanel, it keeps reminding me this

Opcache/xcache/apc and other script cache extensions, please install only one of them, otherwise it may cause your site program exception

So, which one is really good and what's recommended mostly?

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  • _MS__MS_ OG
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    I think OPcache is the most recommended one. It's comes pre-installed since PHP 5.5.

  • To me, Opcache is a must have extension for PHP (unless you really have any issue with it).

    MS said:
    It's comes pre-installed since PHP 5.5.

    I don't think it comes pre-installed (at least in centos). But, its fairly easy to install the extension and use it as PHP binary is compiled with opcache support.

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