What is Peer Networks?

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I am applying for ASN and during signup it asks for ASN & other details of two peering networks. I am currently availing two dedis from a datacenter. Do I need to put the contact info of data center's ASN here?


  • If they will be your upstreams, meaning that they explicitly said that they’d provide BGP sessions to you with your products, you should put their ASNs and details as you said.

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    Thanks @berkay but why do they need two Peer networks. I have two dedicated servers with only one data center :anguished:

  • In that case, to the best of my knowledge, they (in this context I'm referring to RIPE) do not think that you need an ASN, as you can just get your IPs announced through your only upstream. There are free BGP tunnel services you can take advantage of to circumvent this requirement, or you can always get a Vultr VPS and count them as your second peer (and advertise a /48 through them to be safe).

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    You do not qualify for your own ASN in the first place.

    But yeah you can just lie like everyone else and name Vultr as your second upstream.

  • Or be honest and rent a $5 vps with them?

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    I have dedicated servers with QPC and one slice with Buyvm. I asked BuyVM for listing them as a second peer network. They told me RIPE will confirm them If I have a BGP session with them or not and currently I don't. They also said I need ASN for BGP. Now this is making me confused. I saw a 7$ per mo offer for ASN on hostus.com I guess I will go with them to process on my behalf. Or may be i'll learn something even if it is not successful.

    BuyVM: You must have an ASN to use BGP.
    But you must have actual agreements with providers for BGP.
    You can't list random ISP's. RIPE does contact upstreams to confirm, they've asked me many times.

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