Changing domain ownership handler fails at OVH

I have a domain registered at OVH using my business account. I wanted to change the handler to represent my personal details. The process fails with an "owner contact not found" error message.

I created a support ticket and sent them the screenshots they requested. During the past more than a month period they wanted me to retry a few times but the problem didn't disappear. Yesterday I received a reply which said that they were still working on the issue but no ETA.

Have others come across this issue? Any known solution?

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  • @KamalW said: Any known solution?

    Don't use OVH for domains? There are plenty of companies that do domain registrations right, at a decent price point.
    You may want to look at transferring out to NameSilo or Porkbun instead.

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  • transfer to another registrar?

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    Sadly as above posts suggests I don't think you'll find a solution here other than to transfer out.

    My personal experience of OVH for domains is that they over-charged advertised renewal fees and then said "yeah we'll update that soon tm".

    Sorry for your troubles friend.

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    Michael from SmallWeb - Support is only offered via ticket/email.

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