Best offers (vDedi) for 15-20$/month?

sonicsonic OG
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hi guys,
i'm looking for best offers within my budget 15-20$/month.

What i need:
High uptime
vDedi + KVM (maybe LXC?)
Disk: 80GB NVMe or Pure SSD
Location: US, Asia
Monthly or Quartly payment via Paypal
Good CPU, Disk i/o resources (i'm running my stuff on nexusbytes budget vps line, hetzner CX21, linode 2gb, maxkvm 2gb,... w/o any problem)
BW doesnt matter as my stuff only eat 200-300GB/month, but I need good + stable network.

I don't need to buy it now ( maybe I'll do it next month or on blackfriday for cheaper price). i need to buy 2 vdedi in 2 locations..

Tnx guys!

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    Hi @sonic!

    Maybe you could suggest which bare metal servers you would like best for running your vdedis? Then maybe I could rent the bare metal servers, you could set up your vdedis on them, and I could sell the rest of the servers to others?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Greetings from Mexico! :sunglasses:


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