Review of Nexus Bytes

Hey everyone, pull up a seat and gather round.. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here.. but...

I just realised today that I have been with Nexus Bytes for a whole year and thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you. Call it a review if you like..

It all started one rainy morning on Friday, November 15th, 2019. I was browsing the interwebs and happened upon a deal which caught my eye and my wallet. The deal was crazy and not to make you jealous - but it is $4/month for 1 core, 1GB and 100GB of SSD. It comes with a free NAT backup service with the equivalent space, plus a free Blesta licence.. kind of a no-brainer.

This was awesome enough, but then the bossman decided to retire certain nodes and replace ALL services with the new stuff. So my VPS suddenly became super prem, the SSD became NVMe and the CPU turned into a Ryzen. Drooooool.

My VPS is number 318 which is quite early, I'm sure there are 317 (give or take) earlier services out there but this is still early. I suspect there are over 1000 now.

The service itself has of course been flawless. I have had zero issues with the service, actually ZERO issues. I have had 3 tickets all up. One I sent when I first signed up because I was silly and triggered a flag, oops, that was my bad. Second ticket was a friendly notice that my backup NAT service was using a little too much disk IO. Ooops, I fixed that, and again, that was my bad. The third ticket was to request an upgrade of RAM to 2GB (which was $3, almost double the price.. I should have done that earlier!!)

The tickets were all handled super quickly and professionally. Jay is a very good businessman who also possesses an excellent level of customer relations skills, so the ticket exchanges are very comfortable and professional - when I crack a joke in a ticket he laughs out of courtesy, I like that.

Something I should mention that should not be lost here, is the fact that this is the first service paid monthly from any LE* provider that I've consistently renewed for 12 months. I put credit on my NB account in advance to cover the upcoming fees, because for $4/month I feel like I'm pulling his pants down without buying dinner first. So for this to be a year-in-review, it's not unusual for a yearly service, but for me to renew 12 months without considering cancelling is something massive. I very routinely cancel monthlies.

I could post a benchmark here, and perhaps I will update this later with one, but I wanted to talk about the experience that comes with the very little money I've spent. I think I was fortunate that I made the move early to become a Nexus Bytes family member when the prices were lower (when Jay was basically selling himself on the street corner to get noticed) because I've witnessed the prices of his new services increase consistently over the 12 months to where they are now which is exactly how things should be IMO.

This post may be incoherent rambling, but I ain't not got experted english okay.

TL;DR - Nexus Bytes is prem. To quote Biggie.. "If you didn't know, now you know..."


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