List your coveted top 5 VPS hosts for 2019

cybertechcybertech OGBenchmark King

With reasons if you please.

1) PHP-Friends
They first broke the price barrier on deals for "dedicated" core VPSes with generous ram and SSD. The nodes in recent months have had better IOPS so it's quite well balanced.

First-Colo network prem.

2) letbox
Best provider at Psychz LA. A+B power , 10gbps, superb value block storage VPSes, powerful available cores. 1gbit at any time, any day.

3) UltraVPS
Their SAS specials are as good , if not better than many SSD providers. Stable and uneventful. Leaseweb NL network prem.
Had their SSD for a year and no downtime.

4) NexusBytes
Their Ryzen deals are superb speed demons at good value. my speed demon for 2019 if I wanna thrash things fast.

5) inceptionhosting
Liked their NVMe VPS in UK and finally got a yearly deal this BF. Very good balance of power, disk latency, network connectivity. This big triangle of performance is quite hard to come by at that price.

Also for setting up this forum and being helpful towards other providers.

I bench YABS 24/7/365 unless it's a leap year.


  • 1) Either/both of PHP-friends or Avoro 4GB-6GB KVMs in the ([$28-$36]/yr range)
    2 shared vCpus minimum.
    Low end Frankfurt/Falkenstein/Nuremburg K8s/rancher cluster dreams are coming back.
    Let me practice on Hetzner cloud first before next sale.

    2) A cheap monthly/quarterly 4-8GB KVM in Nuremberg (Hetzner) probably via AlphaVPS sales.

    This year, I'm cutting back and using Vultr and Hetzner cloud for 4 hour 'experiments' . (yay snapshots)

  • If by 'coveted' you mean 'tried and trusted for me', this is my top 5:

    1. PHP-Friends: Good cpu, a lot of ram, very fast SSD SAS storage for a very low price. Add to that very fast and friendly support, a good network and we have ourselves a winner. Really happy with them.
    2. UltraVPS: Used to have a small VPS with them in Düsseldorf, switched it off for some months and then came crawling back for one of their SAS HDD Black Friday deals. With 4 cores, 8GB of RAM this VM is quite fast despite the older cpu.
    3. AlphaVPS: A great network that makes it easy to max out my 500/500 Mbps fiber connection 2000 kilometres away. Alexander is also a great guy and the support is fast and professional.
    4. Nexusbytes: Got their storage deal, so no Black Magic AMD for me. But still it's quite something at a very low price point thanks to the amazing Megadeal Thursdays. Also, @seriesn is a great guy.
    5. BuyVM: What can I say? Rock solid and so many extra's.

    For 2020 I hope that my recently purchased NVMe HostDoc VM will make it to this list. And I certainly have to try a service from Inception Hosting.

    1. PHP-Friends
    2. HostHatch
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  • seriesnseriesn Hosting ProviderOG

    cybertech said: if I wanna thrash things fast.

    Your girlfriend must be one lucky girl then. Wham Bam Thank You MAM!

    debaser said: Nexusbytes: Got their storage deal, so no Black Magic AMD for me. But still it's quite something at a very low price point thanks to the amazing Megadeal Thursdays. Also, @seriesn is a great guy.

    Boss, thank you :)

    Happy to have y'all as a happy member of NexusBytes Family :)

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  • K4Y5K4Y5 OG
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    1. Leaseweb - Consistent Network, CPU, Disk I/O performance 24x7 for the 4 years that I have been with them. Rock Solid!
    2. InceptionHosting - Consistent performance, excellent network blend and uptime at a great price point. Keep up the good work @AnthonySmith.
    3. Avoro - For dedicated cores and generous amount of RAM at a decent price point.

    Honorable Mentions -

    1. NexusBytes - Got my first VPS a couple of weeks back with an upfront annual payment - never done that with any other host, ever. Excellent performance so far. Hope @seriesn keeps up the good work.
    2. LetBox - Excellent $/TB value for block storage. Decent performance, even though the network has been a bit iffy at times.
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    1. Inception - Solid
    2. Virmach - Cheap and mad
    3. Gullo / Cam - Cheap and solid
    4. Ionswitch - Free, solid, sense of humor.
    5. ChicagoVPS - I'm kidding.
  • Oops I took the thread title to mean hosts I want to dip my feet into in the coming year.
    Brain Fart.

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  • Mr_TomMr_Tom Hosting ProviderOG

    The only new VPS provider I've used in 2019 is Mythic Beasts, and so far so good lol.

    In terms of what to try in the coming year, not sure. SmartHost offer VPS in Wolverhampton UK but other than that I might pickup a Clouvider Amsterdam dedi, as I seem to be ending up with more dedicated hardware and dropping VPS numbers.

    Any upcoming VPS deployments will be through providers I already know to be reliable - Clouvider, Inception, BuyVM, etc.

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  • @Mr_Tom said:
    Wolverhampton UK

    Is that on the official "exotic" list of locations?

  • My top 5 would be:

    HostHatch (Until they improve their support)

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    1. inception
    2. netcup
  • jvnadrjvnadr OG
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    Inception Hosting: He is the owner of this forum, so, I try to be a bootlicker to the boss!) On a serious note, he offers excellent services in top-notch price, both vps and shared.
    Netcup: Top-notch performance for the price with dedicated threads and lot of resources. Especially the dedicated thread part!
    Contabo: Really good performance for the price, compared with tons of HDD. 700 GB HDD for €8 per month as normal and not "offer" price on a KVMvps? I have three of them, they are on line for long. Not so fast as some competitors, but for a small fraction of their price.
    Hetzner: Their vps series are really fast. I mostly have dedis with them, but I used this year for a lot of months a small vps from them.

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    1. aruba
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    1. Linode
    2. Inceptionhosting
    3. Smallweb
    4. VirMach
    5. Hosthatch
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  • These are the only 5 providers I have services with currently:

    • InceptionHosting
    • LiteServer
    • BuyVM
    • Virmach
    • HostSolutions
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  • BlaZeBlaZe Hosting ProviderOG
    1. BuyVM - Do I really need to explain why?
    2. Vultr - Stable since 2015
    3. UpCloud - Good for some private gaming server
    4. Hetzner Cloud - For few clients
    5. none other
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  • foxonefoxone OG
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    • Contabo: solid performance with their 26€/m huge 60GB vps. This thing has been running multiple minecraft servers, databases, crawlers, various miscellanea servers, tor proxies and much more. Impressive IO latency helps hash my files at a stunning rate of 500 files/sec, while my old 33€ Hetzner dedi couldn't go beyond 60.
    • HostUP: bought his 10€/year OVZ7 special back in october i think, was amazing since day one, with terrific network speed especially and a pretty speedy CPU. Has been crawling since day one with no issues at all.
    • LetBox: 4TB, very nice machine for backups and general filekeeping. 1.5$/m adds another 1TB of block storage, while bandwidth and traffic can be upgraded as well. Very nice.
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  • NexusBytes: Great performance on the server, and super friendly support. Have only used for about a month, but hopefully we'll be family for a long time.

    HostHatch: Great performance and location for my needs with their Stockholm and Norway location. Support can be slow, but have not have any major problems or outages in over 2 years now, and I think they'll be more responsive if something major happens.

    Terrahost: Great and super friendly support/sales.

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  • I've been winding down idle servers (or trying to) and didn't get anything on this year's BF/CM aside from the ServaRICA Mouse offer. However, I wanted to put in another mention to Inception Hosting for terrific service throughout the year. Renewed servers from last year's BF with solid uptime and network, works well.

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    1. BuyVM
    2. Hetzner
    3. HostDoc
    4. Linode
    5. Contabo

    Recommend: SmallWeb|BuyVM|Linode|RamNode

    1. MrVM
    2. HostHatch
    3. Hetzner
    4. HostSlick with the crazy 9€/y deal
    5. UltraVPS
  • Oh, it's like the old quarterly Top Provider contests!

    1. Kimsufi: I'm sorry, I know OVH is the behemoth everyone loves to hate, but I have an i5 that has been good to me, and I will never ever let it go (as long as they don't raise the price too much).
    2. Inception: I don't have much use for EU presence, but a BF deal on Clouvider's prem network has been rock solid.
    3. IonSwitch: a small KVM in Seattle is exactly what I needed, and this has performed admirably.
    4. Hetzner: both cloud and SB are terrific resources.
    5. HostHatch: yes, support may get overwhelmed a bit post-BF, but the storage servers have been going strong for over a year now. I'm wary after the ZXHost Ceph disaster, but so far so good on HH's RAID60.

    Shout out to WisHosting: I haven't used him for long yet, but the "unlimited CPU" policy is friendly.

    Also shout out to DRServer, whose Atom dedi I am looking forward to relying on as a complement to the Kimsufi.

  • This is great research material for my whitelist. Do write your experiences here so that I can make an informed decision on adding more reliable hosts to my whitelist.

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    1. Prometeus. I had boxes with them for over 6 years, top notch performance for the price, even more considering the regional market they're in. Swift ticket handling the few times I have needed them
    2. Liteserver. Rock solid performance so far, I've been with them for over three years.
    3. Leaseweb. Not the cheapest and their ticket support is pretty awful, anyway you get steady performances in multiple locations.
    4. Netcup. I had a small issue with them lately (packets dropped in-between BF and CM), it occurred at night and if I didn't constantly monitor everything I probably wouldn't have noticed it. Still it has been as bad as 40%~80% packets dropped between 23:30 and 01:30 CET. I contacted them sharing mtr's and the like, they simply told me to contact them again if it happened again (.....)
      Still, it has been the only incident so far. I never noticed CPU steal on my VPS's with them.

    I don't list Hetzner because I have only dedis with them at the moment. I've... consolidated into dedis quite a lot lately.
    It has to be said that most of my focus is on continental Europe.

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    1. AWS lightsail - Tokyo location
    2. Hetzner - packing everything into one single box is my target
    3. Hostsolution - The king of cheap seedbox
    4. MRVM - I like the micro box idea and he is the best of those.
    5. BuyVM - many extras
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