Does your ISP support IPv6 ? We got this NEW IPv6 KVM VPS + free IPv4 [email protected]$1/m | WebHorizon

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Does your ISP support IPv6 yet ? most might yes, but you still need IPv4 for compatibility with sites like GitHub ? and you'd be happy for ur sites to work on both IP4&6 without depending on external reverse-proxy (like CF), correct? this VPS is for you. =)

After 20 days of successful testing this, we are proud to have this quite unique offering - IPv6 KVM VPS with support for nat IPv4 connectivity included at no extra charges.
Suitable for pro-IPv6 guys who avoid IPv4 overcharges, bt also need sort of IPv4 compatibility; starts @ $1/m .
(everyone is welcome, you get IPv4 nat connectivity) ;)
The ipv4 connectivity is shared i.e. made possible by nat. You get 20 fixed static ports(tcp+udp) and another 30 assignable static ports (tcp only) chosen as per your preference (instantly from the control panel).
You also get http & https support (port 80&443 on ipv4) set instantly from the control panel with full support for Letsencrypt SSL certificates. (i.e. Haproxy setup)
All with KVM Hardware virtualization included. :)

KVM VPS (IPv6) free IPv4 connectivity on request(via ticket)
All plans include - 1 x /80 IPv6 subnet (will be upgraded to /64 in next week - you can choose to upgrade or stay with /80 per your preference), Nvme SSD disk space, and IPv4 connectivity on request(via ticket).

Location available: EU - Warsaw, Poland ?? Network Looking glass

KVM-256M (Poland)
* 256MB RAM
* 1vCore @ 3.0+ Ghz
* 1 x /80 IPv6 (upgraded to /64 nextweek)
* KVM Virtualization
* 500GB [email protected]
* USD $1/m or $10/y - Order here

KVM-512M (Poland)
* 512MB RAM
* 1vCore @ 3.0+ Ghz
* 7.5GB NVMe SSD
* 1 x /80 IPv6 (upgraded to /64 next week)
* KVM Virtualization
* 750GB [email protected]
* USD $2/m or $15/y - Order here

KVM-1G (Poland)
* 1vCore @ 3.0+ Ghz
* 1 x /80 IPv6 (upgraded to /64 next week)
* KVM Virtualization
* 1TB [email protected]
* USD $3/m or $25/y - Order here

All plans ->

For a limited time, order any plan & get automatically upgraded to the next higher plan. 
For eg. Order KVM256M @$10/y, get upgraded to KVM512M for free. Valid on both monthly & annual terms. This gives higher resources on larger plans.
Valid for first 20 orders & might not be extended. I Will update this post once this is sold out.

IMPORTANT - Please turn OFF VPN/proxy while ordering.


  • Free IPv4 connectivity on all VPS - please create a ticket after ordering. Servers are default provisioned IPv6 only.
  • After exhausting the transfer quota, speed gets limited to 10Mbps up+down, service remains ACTIVE.
  • transparent CPU policy - 20% dedicated 100% burstable*
  • Custom ISO / Windows (bring your own license) is supported from panel.
  • Includes VNC access
  • TOR, Public VPN/proxy, Mailing, Port Scanning, Crypto-mining are NOT ALLOWED
  • Full support for Docker, Wireguard, OpenVPN etc.

Payment Methods
Cards via Stripe (preferred)
Paypal Payments
Crypto payments available(BTC, BCH, LTC)

Guys having a card issued in India/billing address in India - Order using INR currency only here
Any thoughts, ideas, questions? Please feel free to post here or PM me :)

Thank you for reading,

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