[Resolved] DirectAdmin & Blesta Payment URL issue

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I thought I'd bounce this off you guys before creating a Ticket - is it a Blesta or DA problem?

The "Pay Now" link in client invoices is 'broken'.
I'm using the standard email with

a href="https://{invoice.payment_url}"

but the generated URL looks like this:


instead of

In Blesta, the Root Web Directory is set as


On other control panels this would never crop up but because DA uses the Plesk-like horrible directory structure, it does. It appears that the symbolic link to a 'traditional' structure is being bypassed somehow.
A quick google search only threw up one hit, to a similar but different problem, back in 2014.

Any bright ideas?

lowendinfo.com is expired.


  • "Fixed" by bodging. :'(
    Set Root Web Directory to horrible path.


    Not ideal.

    lowendinfo.com is expired.

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