Inject drivers into esxi 7.0 iso

So, im having issues injecting drivers into a vmware esxi 7.0 iso. I want someone to just do it for me, and send me the iso. We can discuss payment.

Please send me ur discord if you have experience with this. I am looking for ethernet drivers for a EX-A320M-GAMING motherboard.

Thank you


  • I think the best solution would be to just buy supported NIC, also intel/broadcom network cards would be better than realtek one, or at least that is my experience. As far as I found, old realtek drivers is not compatible with esxi7, but I just did a quick google search.
    On the other hand - if it is a homeserver/homelab maybe you should try another hypervisor? There are at least three other good, free alternative, like Proxmox, xcp-ng, or even hyper-v

  • mikhomikho AdministratorHosting ProviderOG

    Whats the nic chip name?

    Get 4 or more NAT servers (mix/match between packages) and get a 20 % recurring discount.

  • If you have a working driver, can't it just be mounted in a separate drive? (Been a long time since I rebuilt iso's, didn't have to. Though haven't bothered with VMware for a long time either.) :#

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