The Hosting Industry Speculation Thread

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Thought I would start a thread where hosting companies & users can speculate based on their knowledge of the market & intuition

What I can see is that in near future things are going to be very difficult particularly for those hosting companies who cater to budget market

  1. AMD to get more share of the server market as Intel has really f****d itself really badly with all those vulnerabilities

  2. If you are just starting out as a hosting provider then stay far away from WHMCS unless you manage to bag an owned license as a price increase is expected within next 6 to 18 months which could make it more difficult for you to sustain in this highly competitive market. Good alternatives are HostBill if you got enough cash at hand other otherwise starting out with Blesta right now would be a good choice for which you can get an owned license for cheap or can even get it for free as internal license with many hosting companies

  3. If you are a vps provider then after the release of aka SolusVM v2 you are either going to have to increase pricing or you'll have to switch to alternatives like Proxmox, Virtualizor or VMmanager

  4. In the next few years we are also going to see more & more people switching to DirectAdmin or InterWorx from cPanel

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