Providers offering a DirectAdmin licence

I am in need of a new DirectAdmin VPS or dedicated for use on my free hosting service. As some know I sold my company recently and currently prohibited from offering paid hosting but I want to keep my hand in, hence the free offer.

I started offering some shared in the UK and LUX as well as some small reseller services in The Netherlands not thinking I would need anymore but demand has been good so I need something more powerful.

I prefer to start with the Netherlands so I could migrate people without changing their present location but I could leave that in place and go for some other location if needed. In which case, any location in Western EU or an East Coast USA that is well connected to the EU.

Probably look at the UK last. The stupid thing was I cancelled a good black Friday box from Inception as I got offered a great dedi in its place. I would have just used it.

Budget, up to £50 (monthly). That is inc DA of course.

I just can't find that many offering DA unless I am missing them. If I have to I will purchase a licence direct but with so many bundling it these days it just seems a bit silly to pay full price.

Must be a decent provider though, it might be free, but I don't do shitty services, I would get lynched on LET given the rants I do over there.


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