Script that allows me to run a site that functions like a letter writing wizard

Does anyone have any suggestions for a script that would allow me to set up a letter writing wizard for the general public to use?
For example:
1) The member of the public receives a speeding ticket.
2) They come to the page and enter information in textboxes about what the ticket says and their personal information
3) They answer some checkbox questions about the circumstances it was issued.
4) The wizard then creates a letter customised with their personal information and some stock arguments based on the checkboxes selected.

I'm not creating a speeding ticket avoiders site, but it's an analogy that everyone would be familiar with!



  • Yes.

    Create a script which parses these values entered on a form, and then uses these values.

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    Depending on the complexity, you can get away with some already existing webform provider like Google Forms (mind their TOS!), or create the form yourself.
    If you'll set out to create it yourself you'll need
    HTML <form> (+CSS,JS)
    some backend like Flask, Django, Node.js, PHP etc
    and most likely a template engine (Jinja2 for example, depends on the choice above)
    Should take a couple of days but again depends on the details.

  • Thanks folks. I guess I will be coding my own then :-)

  • yo dawg!

    need script to create code for script to.create script

    fully mange plz :)

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